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Screencasts, tutorials, and other resources for learning RubyMotion

RubyMotion Meetup (June 2018)

0:00 - Meetup starts off with some discussion about http libraries. 0:05 - Amir shares a new feature: motion pulse 0:40 - Amir gives a demo on using the Ripper library to detect dependency load order 0:54 - Some discussion about upcoming challenges with macOS Mojave 1:00 - Updates on upcoming bugfixes 1:05 - Andy talks about icon generation 1:15 - Discussion about workshop ideas, game dev 1:25 - Discussion about personal developer history 1:28 - Lori shares about her experience speaking at We Are Developers conference 1:35 - Discussion about Apple watches

RubyMotion Meetup (March 2018)

In this meetup, we discuss developing custom iOS UI controls, new developer experiences with RubyMotion, challenges dealing with circular dependencies.

Using Tile Maps in motion-game - August Meetup

In this meetup, Andrew Havens gives a demo of creating tile maps and how to use them in a motion-game project.

Hybrid Mobile Development - July Meetup

In this meeting we discuss the current status of improvements to RubyMotion, some ideas for third-party library usage, and a few different libraries for hybrid mobile development.

Using CloudKit in a Simple iOS App - June Meetup

Join us this month for a presentation by Andy Stechishin on using CloudKit in a simple iOS app. In his presentation, he will demonstrate the steps to integrate CloudKit persistence into a small iOS app that does car milage tracking.

Building Watch Apps with RubyMotion - May Meetup

This month we discuss building Apple Watch apps with RubyMotion.

RubyMotion and Image Recognition - April Meetup

In this meetup Eli Duke leads a hack session on building an app which does image recognition. Unfortunately, we run into technical difficulties with the app as well as the video recording.

Advanced Collision Detection in motion-game - March Meetup

In this meetup, we continue our work with motion-game by implementing more advanced collision detection.

Building Menu Bar Apps - February Meetup

In this meetup, we work on building a simple menu bar app using RubyMotion.

Converting code from Swift to RubyMotion - January Meetup

In this video, we convert some code written in Swift to RubyMotion.

Build a Walking Sprite - December Meetup

In this meetup video, we discuss mobile game development with RubyMotion and motion-game (which is built on cocos2d-x and box2d). We review some code to make an animated walking sprite, and add support for colliding with different objects.