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Screencasts, tutorials, and other resources for learning RubyMotion

RubyMotion Meetup (April 2018)

Includes demos of StylingKit (a library for styling your iOS app using a CSS-like syntax), motion-capture (for capturing images and videos), and updates from Lori about her code school.

Make an iOS dice roller app using RubyMotion

In this video, Jeremiah Parrack demonstrates how to build an app that allows you to "roll dice".

Make a Xylophone IOS app using RubyMotion

Jeremiah Parrack demonstrates how to build an app that displays buttons and plays sounds.

Hybrid Mobile Development - July Meetup

In this meeting we discuss the current status of improvements to RubyMotion, some ideas for third-party library usage, and a few different libraries for hybrid mobile development.

Using CloudKit in a Simple iOS App - June Meetup

Join us this month for a presentation by Andy Stechishin on using CloudKit in a simple iOS app. In his presentation, he will demonstrate the steps to integrate CloudKit persistence into a small iOS app that does car milage tracking.

Building Watch Apps with RubyMotion - May Meetup

This month we discuss building Apple Watch apps with RubyMotion.